The County Marathon

October 1st, 2017

14th Annual

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16 Mar

Since its inception, the County Marathon has been dedicated to making a donation to our local hospital every year.  A very important part of that donation are the funds many of our runners choose to make when they are registering.  In 2016 that program raised over $1400 for the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation.  As a committee we simply want to say thank you to those of you who cared enough to offer your support to our cause.

17 Feb

A gorgeous day to be outside for a run - there is something about mid February!  Since there hasn't been a blog in a bit I thought this would be a great time to recognize one of our un-sung contributors to the Marathon.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has been doing graphics for us for a while - you may see his work in Canadian Running Magazine or online with My Next Race.  You may also see it in the Wellington Times (and who hasn't heard of the Times?).  Just to say we really appreciate his work! Thanks Corey!ENGELSDESIGN-SIGNATURE


02 Feb

Dear Runners - well its February 2nd 2017 and we are open for registrations!  We are back on our original course with a change to the Hospital Foundation Team Challenge.  Now you can register and just pay for as few as 2 runners.  The 3rd 4th and 5th come with increasingly larger discounts just to incent you to include the whole family and not just that speedy cousin of yours.  Discounts/rewards are also available if you are the conduit to more runners/your friends signing up - social media may just pay off! We have also returned to tech shirts and are counting on Lisa to do her magic and find us the very best to entice you to enter and then wear it shamelessly to every other race you attend until our 2018 race.   Finally a big welcome to Tracy who takes over for Kailey as your best contact for questions such as changing races, course amenities, and what have you.  Cheers and thank you for considering us as your PB race for 2017!

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