The County Marathon

October 6th, 2019

16th Annual

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12 Nov

Dear fellow runners;  Finally we almost had a perfect day for the 2016 marathon - we are still working on getting the helpful breezes in the right places.  This year we had a tailwind from the east (a rare thing as our fall breezes are generally out of the west) which worked best for just one section of the course as it travels west just out of Bloomfield.  Tracy in her new position has; adjusting that slightly, on her to do list for 2017.

As a separate note, on behalf of our Committee and the Board of the Prince Edward County Marathon, I wanted to give special thanks to a few people who recently helped our race out enormously.  They are, as follows, in no particular order:  Al from Runners Choice Kingston Alan from the Toronto Waterfront Marathon Marc from Sportstats and Dan from Baldwin Law.  We absolutely can not say how much you helped us; but thank you is hardly enough to express our gratitude for your efforts over the last few weeks on our behalf.  

On a final note thank to Kirsty, Kelli and Kathy for your enthusiastic reviews of our race in Race Guide! 

24 Jun

Dear Runners;  Lets talk about the first two kilometres of the County Marathon because once you have done them - well you are committed to do 40.2 more so maybe they are important.  We are a point to point race (if you haven't been here before).  On race day you will be parking in Picton and getting on one of the First Student buses leaving the Parking Lot near the Crystal Palace at the Picton Fair Grounds - to be safe you should be ready for 6 AM.  However rather than take you to some dark lonely road in the middle of no where you will end up at the Essroc Cente in Wellington - yes this is the home of the Wellington Dukes. 

Its warm, and dry of course with multiple real washrooms, water and an indoor track.  May I suggest if you opt to 'run' on it that you run/jog the straights and walk the corners.  Maybe its because I have a few years on my feet but it doesn't take long to feel the corners if you run them...and its just too early in the day to feel your joints.  It is a pleasure to run this track though - so do give it a try - just up one set of stairs or the elevator if you are 'delicate'.


You will find lots of assistance here - Race Crew members are ready and willing to help.  In the meantime while you wait there is lots of room to sit down and collect your thoughts before the race.  As we get closer to 8AM you will want to head over to the start line - its about 200 metres south west of the Esrroc Centre.  I have included a bleak picture of the start line just so we don't over sell the weather


And doesn't that just look like great running weather....The start line will look like the photo on our home page - there is a corral we will herd you into just before 8.  Rick Scott will be blasting out some great blues (as he has for the past 10 years) - we will thank our sponsers (look at the bottom of this page) and you will be off on your way back to Picton.

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04 Mar

Dear Fellow Runners;

Well, here we go - its a new season and we hope our website stays up this year - we are truly sorry about any inconvenience it make have caused you last year.  Our url is of course since you are reading this you found us without knowing this.  Celebrating 10 years this year - 2004-2014 we want to finally describe our course kilometre by kilometre.  From the moment you arrive at the Crystal Palace until the time you get back and have a great local beer in your hand is our intent.  I am expecting some of our photos will be winter shots (because winter refuses to give up her hold on us) but hopefully once we have completed the 42-43 blogs you wil know your way around.

Quickly though a shout out to the Peterborough Half Marathon - congratulations on another great race.  We also have a Committee Member heading out to the Around the Bay Race coming soon - hoping the weather is as good as it was back on February 23rd in Central Ontario.   


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Prince Edward County
Memorial Hospital Foundation

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