The County Marathon

October 1st, 2017

14th Annual

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About The County Marathon

Accreditation class AAA 201410032. The County Marathon and Half Marathon are public events. Both races are Boston Qualifying races, and are accurately measured, certified courses.

Marathon: Athletics Canada Certified ON-2004-003a-BDC
Half Marathon: Athletics Canada Certified ON-2004-004a-BDC

Message from Tracy Powers

Hi, and thanks for considering The County Marathon as one of your 2017 races. This race will be held on our Race Weekend Sunday October 1st with registration and our lowest pricing was in February but its still a great deal as our cost per runner to deliver this e3vent is over $100 per person.

Prince Edward County, now known as "an easy place to find, and a hard place to leave" is a very small community where on race day you will be the centre of attention. Unlike the big centres, the 30,000 ‘County’ residents welcome your run down some of our prettier roads. Unlike the big centres there is a pretty good chance you and I will talk – especially if you need help – I am here to make your run as easy as possible. And if it isn’t me it will be one of our very dedicated volunteers. Rest assured that just like the big centres we provide full services along the course – we are proud to say our races take a back seat to no other race on the planet. Ontario Road Runner Certified, Athletics Canada Certified, this is a full Boston Qualifier run on a course that is relatively flat (give or take km 37) and fast – with just a bit of wind from the west to push you along. So, welcome, and I hope you run with us this fall – October 1st 2017 there will be no better place to be than Prince Edward County,

Cheers Race Coordinator Tracy!

Tracy brings a wealth of experience to her new role as Race Coordinator, on behalf of the Committee we all look forward to her management of this premier running event.

Message from the Executive Board

The County Marathon Committee is pleased to announce that our most popular event - our relay race will now to be referred to as the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation Team Challenge or 'the Hospital Foundation Team Challenge' - for short. Since its inception we have dedicated the County Marathon to raising awareness of the importance of our local hospital and feel that by renaming an event which draws as many as 800 runners each year we may be able to do more to further our efforts and the hard work of over 500 volunteers on race day. Part of the event will be an award for the team which raises the most money for the Foundation - will that be your team?

Our Favourite Marathon Services

Services For Runners: Coach Peter Pimm and his associates have been providing the running community with exceptional Coaching Services and MUCH MORE since 1975 -  visit his website:

Peter is also The County Marathon's official route advisor and a member of our Board of Directors since inception - thank you Peter!

James Swinnerton has been a long time County Marathon supporter.  He has just launched a coaching service. Visit his website:  www, or call 416.525.1163

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