The County Marathon

October 4th, 2020

17th Annual

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The County Marathon
Box 427
Wellington, Ontario
K0K 3L0


Released June 1st 2020

Dear Runners:  The County Marathon has always taken great pride in how we manage our races.  Over our 16 years of races we have had what we believe to have been an admirable safety record.  After careful review of our options for 2020 we have decided we simply can not guarantee the same level safety for our participants and volunteers as all of us have come to expect.  As a result there will be no actual events here on the October 4th 2020 weekend.  For 2020, for those runners who have already booked (or would like to), we will be offering postponement and/or virtual options for our various events.

Dear Runners  - sorry about my slow updates about our 2020 races.  

We are offering a virtual Full and Half Marathon at $45 per runner.  For the first time we are also offering two new options.  The question you will answer by entering either one of these new races is just how far you can run in a single 24 hour period...or if you are a team, just how far can your team run in a single 24 hour period.  These events are both priced at $45 per runner.

The bonus of virtual racing is that you will have from September 15th to October 15th of this year to run your race - so you might want to choose a better day than we normally offer for our races (such as one that it isn't raining or cold or windy).  You can start at any time (maybe you are not a morning person).  

The County Marathon and half marathon courses will be marked by September 15th so if you wish, you can actually run on our routes (without our support on the course - do stay on the shoulder as the roads will not be closed).  If you are running the 24 hour race please find a safe place to do it - such as a local track - (you may need to get permission).

RunKeeper is the app RaceRoster has selected as the main recording tool.  I use Strava so will need to send in a screen shot to have my run verified.  Good luck with your race!

As a final note, all runners will receive a real (not virtual) tech shirt mailed to you.  We are very excited about what Lisa and Kailey come up with for this year - details will follow.  Also please email us to let us know if you want a finishers medal as we are only sending them to runners who request them.

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