The County Marathon

October 4th, 2020

17th Annual

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The County Marathon
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September 20th 2021

Why people run is driven by so many individual factors. On Saturday the 18th Jeanette completed our marathon on her treadmill in a time of 2.44. The factors that drove her are truly remarkable and inspiring.

Read on then go for that run!

When I was twenty-eight, I was diagnosed for the second time with AML, acute myelogenous leukemia. I had it when I was two and a half but it was quickly put into remission with eight rounds of chemotherapy. But, when it came back when I was twenty-eight, during my last semester at Harvard Law, it was bad… really bad. After February 26th (the day I was diagnosed), even though no one knew at the time, I would never be able to run live races again.

I battled for ten years only weighing fifty-three pounds at one point. I had two bone marrow transplants. I am now left with a severely compromised immune system. I need to live a very careful life. When you get a small cold, I get pneumonia. When people complain about having to wear a mask because of COVID I shake my head because I have been wearing a mask for sixteen years. So, unless there is an Olympics for treadmill running, I will never truly compete with anybody except myself. When the pandemic hit and races went all virtual my husband told me to enter races, knowing that I have missed competition. I played soccer and lacrosse throughout college. I am competitive with everything in life, as my husband always has to say to me “it is not a competition” when trying to pick out the best bananas. HaHa! I treated cancer treatment as a competition, I was never going to quit even when doctor after doctor told me there wasn’t anything left they could do for me.

When I was sick, I never stopped running. I ran on good days, bad days, tired days, sick days. I ran when it hurt. I ran when they told me not to. I ran because in that hour, I felt like myself. I run now because I CAN. Nothing can touch me while I am running. No doctors, no chemo or radiation, no work. I get to be me, strong, my run, my rules. I get to pound the ground (well, treadmill belt) and just BE FAST. Being fast gives me euphoria I have rarely found outside of running. One big exception to that is the love for my husband and family. I am alive and happy because of them. So, not being able to compete in live races is a small sacrifice I will gladly take. I am blessed to be alive and I will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

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