The County Marathon

October 4th, 2020

17th Annual

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17th Annual County Marathon on Sunday October 4th, 2020

October 25th 2021

Dear Runners;

Sincere thanks to Kim and Vincent who generously each donated a significant portion to the Prince Edward County Hospital Foundation - thank you and thank you to everyone who donated to this very important cause for Prince Edward County. We will update this page when the presentation is made in mid-November.

Your results are online - well done everyone! If you don't see them please contact us!

Carbon Neutrality and the County Marathon

Our first attempts at actually approaching carbon neutrality began with this year's events. Our goal was to book carbon sequestering of all of the estimated carbon generated to deliver this year's event with the assistance of the 3rd party provider you will see on the back of your shirts. This year, on a per runner basis, it was an expensive time consuming thing to do. Next year, with more runners and more time to accurately assess our collective footprint we hope it will be easier and less expensive per runner than it was this year!

For October 2nd 2022, the carbon our races generate - be it from busing services, ambulances, web usage, volunteers etc., and the carbon you generate getting to the County will be scheduled for permanent removal from the atmosphere using direct air capture ... because its time.

October 18th 2021

Dear Runners;

Sincere thanks to Kim and Vincent who generously each donated a significant portion to the Prince Edward County Hospital Foundation - thank you and thank you to everyone who donated to this very important cause for Prince Edward County.

Your results are online - well done everyone! If you don't see them please contact us!

Today we are sending out this year's tech shirts to everyone who registered for this year's virtual events. Hopefully you will receive yours by the end of the week.

October 3rd 2021

It was raining for the 18th running of the County Marathon. At least 2 runners started the full marathon today on our course starting in Wellington. Both were well equipped for the unsupported race although one of them did not have shoes...always impressive but just a bit unnerving for those of us who like shoes.

At least 2 runners also started our half marathon course starting along the shores of West Lake near the West Lake Community Church - veterans of the race it was good to see them today.

We have had a good virtual sign up this year - it should be our last virtual race (we truly hope). Tech shirts and certificates will be sent out post our last possible date for running this year's race - October 15th. Sincere thanks to all of our registrants and those who donated to the Prince Edward County Hospital Foundation . We expect to donate at least $750 this year - thanks to you.

Registration is expected to start in November for our Sunday October 2nd 2022 running of our 3 classic events. We are excited - please let us know if you would like to help us with what we expect will be one of the first truly fully carbon neutral running events ever (both for the event and our runners) - 3rd party verified details to follow soon... because it's about time!

Mark - Race Director and Lynne - Race Coordinator

2 returning half marathoners 2021

Finish line 2021

Full marathon bare foot 2021

Full marathoner crossed half marathon point 2021

Half start line 2021

September 20th 2021

Why people run is driven by so many individual factors. On Saturday the 18th Jeanette completed our marathon on her treadmill in a time of 2.44. The factors that drove her are truly remarkable and inspiring.

Read on then go for that run!

When I was twenty-eight, I was diagnosed for the second time with AML, acute myelogenous leukemia. I had it when I was two and a half but it was quickly put into remission with eight rounds of chemotherapy. But, when it came back when I was twenty-eight, during my last semester at Harvard Law, it was bad… really bad. After February 26th (the day I was diagnosed), even though no one knew at the time, I would never be able to run live races again.

I battled for ten years only weighing fifty-three pounds at one point. I had two bone marrow transplants. I am now left with a severely compromised immune system. I need to live a very careful life. When you get a small cold, I get pneumonia. When people complain about having to wear a mask because of COVID I shake my head because I have been wearing a mask for sixteen years. So, unless there is an Olympics for treadmill running, I will never truly compete with anybody except myself. When the pandemic hit and races went all virtual my husband told me to enter races, knowing that I have missed competition. I played soccer and lacrosse throughout college. I am competitive with everything in life, as my husband always has to say to me “it is not a competition” when trying to pick out the best bananas. HaHa! I treated cancer treatment as a competition, I was never going to quit even when doctor after doctor told me there wasn’t anything left they could do for me.

When I was sick, I never stopped running. I ran on good days, bad days, tired days, sick days. I ran when it hurt. I ran when they told me not to. I ran because in that hour, I felt like myself. I run now because I CAN. Nothing can touch me while I am running. No doctors, no chemo or radiation, no work. I get to be me, strong, my run, my rules. I get to pound the ground (well, treadmill belt) and just BE FAST. Being fast gives me euphoria I have rarely found outside of running. One big exception to that is the love for my husband and family. I am alive and happy because of them. So, not being able to compete in live races is a small sacrifice I will gladly take. I am blessed to be alive and I will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

Wednesday September 15th

Dear Runners thank you to all of you who have signed up for this year's race. The course is now marked:

1) with a start line in Wellington on Niles Street across from the tennis courts for the full marathon
2) a startline just past 1901 County Road 12 for the half marathon
3) and the finish line in front of the Fairgrounds in Picton

You could run it today ...or any day through October 15th - then send in your results!

We are working on verifiable carbon neutrality for the event with plans to offer verified carbon neutrality for both the event and you for 2022 (because its time). Updates will follow soon.

Lastly this year shirts will be white (a hopeful colour) and we won't run out even if you register as late as October 3rd.

Have an excellent race!

Cheers! (and contact us if you need anything contact us - Mark will be on the course Sunday October 3rd at both start lines at 8 in Wellington and 10 AM at the West Lake location )

June 25th 2021

Dear Runners - Race Roster is open for 2021 virtual race registration. The same rates will apply as last year. The only change is that this year we will provide completion certificates with your exclusive runner's shirts versus a medal (the medal was impacting our postage fees). The route will be open from September 15th until October 15th with start and finish lines marked. 2022 is already our target. Registration will open for our October 2nd 2022 races early November of this year. Contact our new race coordinator Lynne Ellis if there is anything we can help you with.


June 6th 2021 

Dear Runners;

It's with a heavy heart we announce this year's race will again be virtual.  The decision was left for as long as possible.  Along with running out of time to properly deliver our races, the decision to not open Ontario public schools until the fall gives a sense that Covid 19 is not going away as soon as all of us had hoped.  Concerns also included a recent Athletics Ontario zoom session which polled attending Race Directors and found the majority were not running their races in 2021.  The decision made by the Toronto Scotiabank Marathon to go virtual and June 15th announcement Montreal was not running their fall race clinched it. 

Registration for the virtual 2021 races will open shortly (within the week of June 21th).  Our rates for running virtually will be the same as last year with event completion mail-outs including our 2021 virtual race shirts and an official certificate of your successful race completion.  

As for the marathon course in the County.  Start and finish lines will be marked.  You will have the entire month of October to race on your own streets or to come down and use the course.  

As for next year:

Our intent is to open 2022 registration this November - we truly look forward to seeing all of you Sunday October 2nd 2022.

Sincerely the County Marathon organizing Committee

May 18th 2021

Thank you for your on-going patience with us. We remain in a holding pattern but have now determined we can't wait beyond the end of May to decide about this year's races. Our intent in the next few days is to find out from the Hastings Prince Edward Health Unit whether our race can meet their protocols. We will then be having a Zoom meeting with our committee (new members still welcome) - We hope to open registration after June 2, "following further updates from Premier Ford" or (sadly) defer to 2022. We hope to open registration by the end of May or (sadly) defer to 2022.

Mark and Lynne founders of the County Marathon

April 12th 2021

Dear Runners:

Thank you for your patience with us - thank you also to those of you who have expressed an interest in joining the Committee. We are still in a holding pattern. Contact with other races is helping us make decisions about moving forward with this year's race and how it can happen safely. Our committee will meet soon to discuss how this year will shape up, but of course, as we are all painfully aware Covid-19 is not disappearing as quickly as we had hoped even a month ago. Our target to proceed has now been pushed back to May 1st. Bear with us.

Mark and Lynne for the County Marathon

March 21 2021

Happy spring! We are close to our decision about this year's 18th annual race weekend (looking to open registration in early April - if all goes well). Currently we are looking for a few new committee members. If you are interested in assisting in the delivery of Canada's largest small centre marathon - we want to hear from you. Zoom attendance at our monthly meetings is perfectly acceptable!

Looking forward to hearing from you at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The County Marathon organization, and those runners who had hoped to run in 2020, donated a combined total of $2500 to the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital fund today December 23rd 2020. It was our 17th annual donation to this incredibly important facility in the heart of Prince Edward County and at our finish line.

We are seriously looking at this coming October 3rd 2021 our 18th season. We want to make it our best series of races yet. You can be a part of it - even if running is not something you do - it's an amazing thing to be a part of - to deliver a first class sporting event! If you are interested in making this happen please contact Mark and/or Lynne (our Chair) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

October 16th 2020

Yesterday was the last day to run the County Marathon (although if you run today or tomorrow and submit your times promptly we will accept them) If you haven't sent your results in yet, please send them directly through the Runkeeper app or to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as you can.

Thank you to those of you who did run this year - we had about 80 entries. We will be recognizing the fastest times in the full and half as well as the longest distance covered in the 24 hour race with results to be posted here October 20th. October 20th we will also be mailing your finishing medals and tech shirts (they are all black).

Thank you as well to those of you who made a donation to the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation. We will be presenting the cheque to them, on your behalf, in the next month.

Finally, we are looking forward to 2021 with our race date planned for October 3rd. If you are interested in volunteering at the Committee level please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

October 4th 2020

It ended up being an uncharacteristically nice day for the 17th running of the County Marathon - go figure. We had at least 3 full marathoners and 2 half marathoners actually on the course on race day! (pictures attached - plus proof it was a lovely day for fall colours). It was brilliant of them to run here Sunday!

Under 100 runners registered this year - with registration now closed. Over the past number of days we have had runners sending in completed races from Ottawa, Vancouver Island and London England all backed by GPS screen shots, Tom Tom and Strava links as well as those runners uploading automatically with RunKeeper. You can also send whatever time keeper evidence you have to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will do what we can with whatever evidence you have.
Our black long sleeved tech shirts, black ribboned finishers medals and your placing will be mailed out after the last possible day to run our race - October 15th.

So hoping we can be back to racing the County Sunday October 3rd 2021.

Happy running!


September 16th 2020

Dear County Marathon, Half Marathon runners and 24 hour runners.

Our routes have their start lines and finish lines marked on the actual roads we use every year (except this one). You can run the actual routes between now and October 15th to complete the Half or Full County Marathon 2020. They are uploaded on RunKeeper as the following:

Full Marathon route starting on Niles Street in Wellington
When you log on to Runkeeper you can add our route. It is route/5112191

Half Marathon route starting just past the junction of CR 18 and CR 12 (close to the Meeting House
When you log on to Runkeeper you can add our route. It is route/5112193

We will be notifying the local papers and our local radio station FM99.3 to let them know you may be running our routes sometime between now and October 15th...but take care and good luck!!
Of course if you are doing our virtual 24 hour options on your own or as a team - good luck and please take care!

Results will be posted after October 15th 2020. Your tech shirts and medals (to those who request them) will also be sent out after October 15th.

Mark and Lynne - Original event developers and your race organizers for 2020

September 8th 2020

'Dear Runners - we are now within a month to our official race date and just a week before you can start running your virtual race. The courses in the County will be marked by the 25th of September - but do remember even on October 4th we will not have any closures in place - you will be on your own with your Runkeeper app.

Just a bit of inspiration we have Jo-Anne running for Alzheimer Research. You may want to join her at

Cheers and happy running - PS this year's long sleeved tech shirts and our medal ribbons (medals available on request only) will both be black'

 Released June 1st 2020

Dear Runners:  The County Marathon has always taken great pride in how we manage our races.  Over our 16 years of races we have had what we believe to have been an admirable safety record.  After careful review of our options for 2020 we have decided we simply can not guarantee the same level safety for our participants and volunteers as all of us have come to expect.  As a result there will be no actual events here on the October 4th 2020 weekend.  For 2020, for those runners who have already booked (or would like to), we will be offering postponement and/or virtual options for our various events.

Dear Runners  - sorry about my slow updates about our 2020 races.  

We are offering a virtual Full and Half Marathon at $45 per runner.  For the first time we are also offering two new options.  The question you will answer by entering either one of these new races is just how far you can run in a single 24 hour period...or if you are a team, just how far can your team run in a single 24 hour period.  These events are both priced at $45 per runner.

The bonus of virtual racing is that you will have from September 15th to October 15th of this year to run your race - so you might want to choose a better day than we normally offer for our races (such as one that it isn't raining or cold or windy).  You can start at any time (maybe you are not a morning person).  

The County Marathon and half marathon courses will be marked by September 15th so if you wish, you can actually run on our routes (without our support on the course - do stay on the shoulder as the roads will not be closed).  If you are running the 24 hour race please find a safe place to do it - such as a local track - (you may need to get permission).

RunKeeper is the app RaceRoster has selected as the main recording tool.  I use Strava so will need to send in a screen shot to have my run verified.  Good luck with your race!

As a final note, all runners will receive a real (not virtual) tech shirt mailed to you.  We are very excited about what Lisa and Kailey come up with for this year - details will follow.  Also please email us to let us know if you want a finishers medal as we are only sending them to runners who request them.

Dear Runners - after 16 years of successful race weekends we happy to announce we are open, as of 6 PM March 2nd 2020, for our October 4th 2020 race. Please feel free to contact Mark Henry - Race Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Top 9 Reasons to run The County Marathon
  1. The course is fast, slightly rolling, according to Peter Pimm, and beautiful with a full road closure
  2. Almost no paper in our race kits, but you will get a reusable bag, a long sleeve race shirt, and a few other goodies!
  3. At the finish line Prince Edward Dairy Producers will help you "Recharge" with a complimentary chocolate milk - the best way to recharge after a race in the County.
  4. Then one of our local brewery's will help you celebrate your achievement with a complimentary beer! No Kidding!
  5. This is wine country - come early and do a wine tour of some of our 40 wineries
  6. You and your family matter to us! We have 13 circulating buses that will escort all participants to the start line. Your family can join you on the ride and circulate throughout the day to watch your progress for only $5/person (tickets available at registration)
  7. The finish line is steps away to our local hospital and we have a world class medical team ready to serve you
  8. Every participant is important to us and our finish line crew, from Fitness Powers, will place a medal around the neck of every finisher
  9. The residents of Prince Edward County are proud of each of you and will cheer you along the route to help you reach a personal best.

Special thanks to long time supporter Re/Max Quinte Ltd.

Run For A Charity

Do you have a charity that you want to run for? There is no greater way to conquer your 42.2km or 21.1km journey then to be doing it for a worthwhile cause. We want to hear from you – Sign Up to participate then email Tracy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your charity and link to where donations can be made.

Our Chosen Charity:

Prince Edward County
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